Newly Painted 3D Chess Board


In Dots & Coms we recently re-did the wall for the conference room. In this we just painted the 3D chess board on the wall which goes with the office Theme. The chess board is done in such a way that it lit up’s the conference room as well as we can play it in real. The conference room is for new ideas, meetings or to make new strategies for the current project or for the new one. The clients can have thoughts of new strategies as well as can discussion while playing the chess on the wall. This helps new strategies to be applied on game as well as for the project purpose also. While playing the game of chess we need to think lots of pros and cons for the game and for the project purpose also.


Game of chess perfectly sits on the wall of conference room. The game which teaches us to think before making any move, similarly we have to think a lot more for our upcoming projects and the current ones.  This game also describes how to survive any move and make a new move accordingly, which can be implemented to our new projects. This also provides the vision of our next step or the move to be made which could be very effective in Future for our projects.


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Getting our hands Dirty was fun !


This Saturday, 20th May, another interesting activity was conducted by Dots & Coms known as “pot making” . An interesting activity where the Team  got to learn the concept to pottery. We molded a red clay into a pot or a vase with the help of out guide “Prachi Bhave ” . She taught us  how the solid ball of soft clay is pressed, squeezed and pulled gently upwards and outwards into a hollow shape.  the team  were very excited to learn about the old tradition of pot making by bare hands some even called their messed up hands ” daag ache hai!”. It was a very interesting activity that took all of us with an interest.

Designers relaxed and used their web design skills to Pot designing.  Chill out on a hot summer Saturday!!

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Dots&Coms launched a new website for Fesh Online Vegetable & Fruits selling – OZYVEG

Dots&Coms recently Launched a Website for OzyVeg having an eye for introducing myth-breaking concepts about health and lifestyle to help consumers build and maintain a great lifestyle through routine habits and after doing much more due diligence, Mr. Kishor Dhavale , Mr. Anil Patil and Mr.Niraj Thacker formed OZYVEG against the backdrop of a proven technology of sanitization in the USA and the Europe. OZYVEG is a brand name of online Vegetable & Fruits selling business setup by V-Agro foods Pvt Ltd. OZYVEG selling Online vegetables and fruit in navi Mumbai nodes such as Vashi, Koperkhairne, Nerul, Sanpada, Seawoods, Cbd-Belapur, Kharghar,Ghansoli etc. Please visit on

Online Fresh Vegetable & Fruit seller

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Appreciation from

Dots & Coms Certificate

Bravo! A great and awesome reward to Dots & Coms arrives here that is “A Letter of Appreciation” by a client! Work becomes more interesting when the person you do for loves it and appreciates the same in a graceful manner and so it happened in Dots & Coms too! Dotcommers are always keen to serve their clients with their every possible knowledge and efforts and everyone knows that “Hard work pays off and obviously it’s a key to success”. The trio of Knowledge, Effort and Talent has got a beautiful appreciation certification to Dots & Coms by for his website design and development who shares his experience with few words,

It was a great experience! I am a big fan of you guys… Trust me… Thanks a lot for everything.

If there’s anything I can do, within my capacity, please feel free to let me know.”

One of our Team Member at Dots & Coms, Dhiren Soneji had made this possible with his immense contribution towards the client’s website with great efforts, commitment and timely communication which led the client’s journey happy and effortless. We are happy to share this with all and we hope for many such rewards and awards for all the hard works by Dots & Coms and its talented Team Members.


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Newspaper Dress Design Activity @ Dots & Coms

Newspaper Dress Design Activity_1


On this Saturday, 25th February, we conducted Newspaper Dress Design Activity. IT employees got to explore their Dress Designing Dream in Reality. The activity was conducted in a group of 3-4 persons in which one was a mannequin and the other members had to prepare the dress with the help of newspaper, scissor, and stick tape. We got to see different designs of dresses made out of no fashionable stuffs but just a newspaper that turned out to be a unique and fun oriented fashion evening. All the employees participated in this exciting activity and everyone made out to be a great designer with their amazing thoughts and group talent! This Saturday activity was all about IT artisans to show cast their talent in Dress Designing with Newspaper and at last we had so much fun!

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Movie Outing @ Dots & Coms

MOVIE activity

This Saturday, we planned and went for a Movie Outing at Cinepolis, Inorbit Mall. It was all set to have a great movie get together with lots of weekend fun. Our weekend never goes wasteful as we always drive something amazing to the wonderful Saturday. So, this Saturday, Dots & Coms family went to watch Star Wars Rogue Nation. It is an American epic space opera film and full of action view. We had a fantastic time altogether and the movie was extra awesome to all of us. Not limited to but also we had many selfies amongst and a great day too!

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Outdoor Activity @ Dots & Coms

15203120_1122785177816965_1786773829376913798_nThis Saturday, Dots & Coms decided for an outdoor activity in which all the employees went to Kamati Baug for fun and get together. Kamati Baug is a Nature Park and we created so many memories there out. We went there in the morning and had a great outing in such nature fed environment! We played few outdoor games and had amazing interactions and moments amongst ourselves. Everyone got to experience an authentic day in the park followed by foods, selfie, nature view and gossips. During this activity, all the fun and games enhanced us to the re-creation of unforgettable memories at Dots & Coms.

To be honest, the time spent in the Kamati Baug was really worth living and fun loving!

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Bottle Painting Activity @ Dots and Coms


On this Saturday we conducted Bottle painting activity. IT artisan had a great opportunity to show cast their talents with paint brush and water colours over bottle made out of glass. Employees were divided into group of three persons. Each had to perform their own glass painting using any three colours. All the employees participated in this exciting activity and show casted their talent towards art of painting.

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Dots&Coms refurbish AlangToday

Home  AlangToday

Dots&Coms redesigned AlangToday Website in a corporate manner. The revamped website contains Animations, Responsiveness and Bootstrap coding to make the website user-friendly. Also, the newly created custom animation logo adds an extra feature to the site.

The website is a portal which provides all the information related to Alang Ship Recycling. Also, AlangToday gives you an option for buying & selling any type of machinery and other items from all over the World. Any raw material, marine equipment, electronic appliances, furniture, sports equipment, stationery, kitchen appliances, batteries can be sold or bought from here.

Visit the website at

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Excellent Painting Work done by Dots&Coms’s Employee


One of Dots&Coms employee Jui Borgaonkar participated in a painting exhibition organised by Shri Aditya Fine Arts (SAFA) at MS University Fine Arts Faculty . The event showcase splendid works done by all the artist on the theme “Lord Krishna”. We are very proud of Miss Jui for delivering excellent work at office space as well as in the field of Art. Dots&Coms always encouraged its employees to stand by their interest and hobbies.

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