Dots&Coms Revamped Cafe Masala UK


Dots&Coms has revamped the existing site of Cafe Masala. The site is dynamic in nature with well-integrated payment gateway. We have used Fancy Box, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and other technical tools for redesigning this site. Also, the site is developed such that the users can also book the table or restaurant for party / event. There is also a facility for online order placing and takeaway lunch & dinner.

Cafe Masala is an Indian restaurant at Southend On Sea of United Kingdom. They serve spicy vegetarian and nonvegetarian Indian food. Whenever you visit the restaurant you will be treated with delicious food.

Visit Cafe Masala at :

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Reporters and Cameraman at Dots&Coms

Newspaper activity1

It was another amazing Saturday Activity we did at Dots&Coms. And the activity we did was “The Interview”. All the employees were divided into the group of the three as the interviewer, the interviewee and the cameraman. The topic of the interview was decided before hand. The interview started with interviewer shooting questions and the interviewee answering them while the camera was on roll. The IT personals displayed their reporters and camera skills. It was a great fun holding camera, being an interviewer and interviewee by keeping aside mouse and keyboards.

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Dots&Coms on Ahmedabad Trip


This time, Dots&Coms decided for an outdoor activity on 9April 2016. And that too in Ahmedabad. It was a workshop cum picnic for all the employees.

We started at 8 am in the morning and reached there at 10 am. The workshop began in the dark as the workshop was titled as “Dialogue In The Dark”. The “dialogue-makers” (as the host use to call themselves) divided us into four groups. And, then we were assigned few tasks which we had to do in the dark. The dialogue-makers guided us throughout the tasks. During this whole episode of performing tasks in the dark, we developed various skill within us like careful listening, teamwork, ability to recognize things, correct plan execution and many more.


After completing our tasks in the dark, we were provided with delicious lunch. Next was the task evaluation and feedback. We were asked to pen-down our experience and feedback. Then, did had a group discussion of on which all points we lack due to which we were not able to complete our task in the dark. Many points were discussed and then we all got to know what the whole workshop was about. It was for us to know how to improvise in our work space, how to come up with best performance in adverse situations, how to deal with work pressure. Really, the time spent at the workshop was very much worthy.

After attending workshop we went for a 3D Movie at Science City. It was a thrilling experience. And finally in the evening, we were on our way back to Vadodara. It was a wonderful experience for all the employees of Dots&Coms.

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Dots&Coms Gave Online Presence to Clearlake Management LLC

Clearlake_management LLC

Dots&Coms gave online presence to Clearlake Management LLC. The site is static and responsive in nature. It uses .Net framework and Bootstrap coding at backend and HTML5 & CSS3  at frontend.
Clearlake Management is a privately-held, real estate investment firm founded by two seasoned real estate investment professionals, Chétan Davé and Martin Lamb. Clearlake employs a fundamental, value-add investment strategy, focusing on under-invested multifamily properties as well as properties in urban areas undergoing transition.

Visit the website at :

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Newspaper Dress Making Activity


It was another exciting Saturday at Dots&Coms, with more exciting and entertaining activity. The activity was to prepare a dress out of newspaper and to make anyone wear that dress. All the employees started tailoring dresses out of newspaper. This definitely showed that IT professional also have a creative eye.

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Dots & Coms is back with a new Website and this time it’s for Ostensive Plastotech !


Dots&Coms designed a brand new website for Ostensive Plastotech Pvt. Ltd. The website is static but responsive in nature. The website displays elegance and thoughtfulness equally.
Ostensive Plastotech Private Limited is involved in manufacturing and supplying of household, stationery and other plastic products in order to provide the best to the consumers.

Visit Ostensive Plastotech at:

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A Colourful Day at Dots&Coms – Dhuleti Celebration

Holi Celebration_2

It was another Amazing day at Dots&Coms as we all celebrated Dhuleti together. Everyone was submerged with beautiful “gullals” and colored with red, yellow, blue, green. All the employees enthusiastically participated in the celebration which showed the warmth and togetherness among them.

holi celebration_DNC_1

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Face Painting Activity – The Holi Celebration !

FacePainting Activity at Dots & Coms

The festival of colors, Holi celebrated at Dots & Coms with full of Joy and Fun. As Saturday activity this Saturday we celebrated the holi with face painting. The IT employees who usually use keyboards and mouse were seen holding paintbrush and colours. Colourful and vibrant faces were seen at Dots & Coms, all painted with red, blue, black & green.  All the employees actively participated in this exciting fun activity. Which in turn, made the whole ambience enthralling and delightful.

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Grow Globally with Kanan International, Website redesigned by Dots&Coms


Dots&Coms recently resigned Kanan International’s website. The most exciting feature added in the website is the Map, which gives you information about the International Universities where students can attain Higher Education. Other technologies like Fancybox and jQuery are also used.

Kanan International is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced foreign education consultants in Gujarat, with a prominent pan-India presence.

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Buy Veggies Online from SabjiApp, New Website Launched by Dots&Coms


Dots&Coms made Sabji App online by launching a new website for them. Sabji App is an online platform to buy fruits and vegetables right from computer or mobile. The website is developed using latest technologies like HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Fancy Box & Modernizr. It is having a very natural and fresh look.

Sabji App sells Fruits & Veggies Online and Guarantee Home Delivery at the chosen time and that too absolutely Free.

Visit Sabji App at:

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