Kill Aliens Android Based Mobile Game


capture 1

Do you remember one of the coolest games during the evolving stage of mobile games? Do you remember the game in which you had to fight like a Ninja and protect space from the cruel Aliens?

Yes, you got it right! That is our very own classic game – Kill Aliens. This classic game was so addictive that you could not keep your hands and minds off it. And what was the simplest motto of the game? Take your spaceship and eliminate the invading spaceships of Aliens. So what have we done at DNC for the same? We have swapped the old monitor screen game to the new mobile version so that we all can enjoy this game no matter what corner of the earth we are.

So what are you waiting for now? Get your war gear and get shooting. So many to kill, so little time.
Download this cool mobile game on your android from the play store now :

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