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Bravo! A great and awesome reward to Dots & Coms arrives here that is “A Letter of Appreciation” by a client! Work becomes more interesting when the person you do for loves it and appreciates the same in a graceful manner and so it happened in Dots & Coms too! Dotcommers are always keen to serve their clients with their every possible knowledge and efforts and everyone knows that “Hard work pays off and obviously it’s a key to success”. The trio of Knowledge, Effort and Talent has got a beautiful appreciation certification to Dots & Coms by for his website design and development who shares his experience with few words,

It was a great experience! I am a big fan of you guys… Trust me… Thanks a lot for everything.

If there’s anything I can do, within my capacity, please feel free to let me know.”

One of our Team Member at Dots & Coms, Dhiren Soneji had made this possible with his immense contribution towards the client’s website with great efforts, commitment and timely communication which led the client’s journey happy and effortless. We are happy to share this with all and we hope for many such rewards and awards for all the hard works by Dots & Coms and its talented Team Members.


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