Newly Painted 3D Chess Board


In Dots & Coms we recently re-did the wall for the conference room. In this we just painted the 3D chess board on the wall which goes with the office Theme. The chess board is done in such a way that it lit up’s the conference room as well as we can play it in real. The conference room is for new ideas, meetings or to make new strategies for the current project or for the new one. The clients can have thoughts of new strategies as well as can discussion while playing the chess on the wall. This helps new strategies to be applied on game as well as for the project purpose also. While playing the game of chess we need to think lots of pros and cons for the game and for the project purpose also.


Game of chess perfectly sits on the wall of conference room. The game which teaches us to think before making any move, similarly we have to think a lot more for our upcoming projects and the current ones.  This game also describes how to survive any move and make a new move accordingly, which can be implemented to our new projects. This also provides the vision of our next step or the move to be made which could be very effective in Future for our projects.


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