WordCamp Ahmedabad

WC-Ahd1Our team from Dots and Coms actively participated in the WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017, which was held in Ahmedabad from 6th October to 8th of October. Our team of 9 where eagerly waiting for this movement as we were going to learn new things in WordPress. WordPress is one of the fastest growing website technologies in the market as most of the website are built on WordPress. As WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. WordPress also includes a lot of features like Themes, Plugins, Templates, Mobiles, Multi-User and Multi blogging and much more. There were many speakers who were from both IT & Non-IT fields. Everyone shared their experience about WordPress and why it is reaching new heights day by day. The WordPress communities is coming up with new events, word camps and meet ups to bring awareness about this technology which can be useful to everyone who wants to build their own website. The knowledge of sharing within the community and to the mass was amazing with use of simple click, drag and drop.


What amazed us was that we found the youngest girl who was studying in class 8th was the member of WordPress and she was a speaker at the Wordcamp. She also made a website where she could sell different types of “khakras” online. This made us think how easy is the word press and how easily we can build our own web site in no less time. The learning experience from this camp was at top notch.


The speaker who influenced our whole team was Mr. Nagesh pai. Nagesh sir comes with a rather diverse career track-record. With a strong background in Banking & Finance, Nagesh sir has worked in the roles of Digital Marketing at Technology, as well as in Media houses. The interesting part about his story is that, despite his diverse background, Nagesh’s WordPress journey kick started from a unique vertical: by setting up and running a community website that he built, without having any prior knowledge of programming. After the speech our team also met him personally and tried to gain as much knowledge as we can. It was a real treat for us to meet such a huge personality.


Our Experience in WordCamp Ahmedabad was amazing. Our team was influenced and motivated a lot by many speakers and by the new technologies which are changing our life day by day. We enjoyed a lot and had plenty of fun in WordCamp Ahmedabad.

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